Reflections on Solitaire Online

I am used to programming in C++ and before that in C.

I have worked on big projects where structure was key.

I have worked on projects using hundreds of files, encapsulation, objects and so on.

I am not particularly familiar with Javascript, and this was the first piece of code that I have written using the language.

I have to admit that I haven't got on particularly well with Javascript.

I don't like the way that it's classes work, and I haven't used them. See Medium for an explanation as to Javascript class structure.

Unfortunately, this has made it easy for me to write code which isn't properly stuctured, loosely using a kind of style that was common in games programming many years ago.

So what have I learnt?

It's given me a new appreciation of Object Orientated design - which I know is currently considered out of date in certain circles.

I prefer coding in C, C++ or C#.

I will structure my next Javascript project Mahjong.Day more intelligently.

I have a better idea as to what worked well, and what didn't.