Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire

Clock solitaire is great to while away some time;) But remember that it is purely mechanical, and in this sense it is unique among games of solitaire. Additionally, your chances of winning are low as it is entirely based on chance.

Clock Solitaire is also known as Four of a Kind, Hidden Cards or Sun Dial.

How to play Clock Solitaire

The cards are dealt in the shape of a clock. Twelve hours and so twelve piles, with four cards to a pile, and the remaining four cards placed in the centre, in what could loosely be called the stock.

The Ace goes is into 1 o'clock.

The Two goes is into 2 o'clock.

The Three goes is into 3 o'clock.

The Four goes is into 4 o'clock.

And so on ... until you reach the Jack which goes into eleven o'clock and the Queen into twelve.

The King's are placed in the clock centre in the middle pile.

How to win Clock Solitaire

The game is won when all thirteen piles (the twelve numbers and the centre pile) are piles (facing up) of four of a kind.

However, if the fourth king is turned face up before other sets of four cards are completed, the game is lost.

The Rules of Clock Solitaire


Complete all sets of four of a kind, before the fourth and final king is revealed.


There are thirteen Foundations. The King is placed in the central Foundation.

Cards can only be moved when they are face up.

Stock and Waste

There are no Stock and Waste piles. The game is started from the central pile.