Florentine Solitaire

Florentine Solitaire (Patience)

Florentine Solitaire (Patience) requires one pack only.

Lay out five cards in the form of a cross.

The next that turns up is the base-card. Place this and the three others of the same signification, as they turn up, in the corners, but at a little distance, as shown below.

These are to be build on in suits in ascending sequence; the four outer cards on the board may be packed in downward sequence without any attention to suit. When you remove one of these cards, either on a base or in packing, you may fill the vacancy from the rubbish heap; or you may, if you prefer it, move the centre card into the space, and put the rubbish card into the middle; while it remains there it is not to be packed upon.

The rubbish heap (Waste Pile) may be turned once.

Originally from: Mary Withmore Jone's Games of Patience for one or more players.

Florentine Patience