Oracle Solitaire

Oracle Solitaire

One pack is required.

It is called Oracle Solitaire, because it shows which of the four powers in the world - Wisdom, Wealth, Beauty or Courage will be most propitious to the player.

These powers are represented by the four queens, under the names of Minerva for Wisdom - spades, Juno for Wealth - diamonds, Venus for beauty - hearts and Bellona for courage - clubs.

The queens are placed a short distance apart, and their courts are formed around them as the cards are turned up from the pack. The upper card in each court is immovable. The three others can capture and be captured.

As soon as a court is completed, but not before, that power is ready to attack, but it cannot do so until a card of its suit turns up. This make take any card or cards of its own value from the other courts (always excepting the top one), and the captor and captured are laid on the heap above the queen. The three lower cards of the attacking power have also the right of taking away others of their value which are placed underneath them; but these cards are subject to recapture.

It the turn-up cannot make a capture, it is laid on the top heap, and another is turned. Continue dealing out, forming up the courts, and capturing at every opportunity, until the pack is exhausted.

The cards are then counted, and the power that scores most wins. Aces count four, kings three, knaves two and common cards one each.

Originally from. Mary Whitmore. Games of Patience for one or more players.