Pairs Solitaire (1890)

Pairs Solitaire (1890)

I've called this Pairs Solitaire (1890) to distinguish it from all the other type of Pairs Solitaire that exist.

It is based on the version below as described by Mary Withmore Jone's in her Games of Patience written in 1890:)

There is one difference. You can lay down from a card from Stock to Waste, and use it at any time. In the version as described by Mary Withmore Jones, it is implied that you should only do this when blocked.

You can play the game more strictly if you so desire, and in accordance to the rules below. This isn't enforced by the game. The choice, as they say, is yours.

How to play Pairs Solitaire (1890)

Nine cards are laid out for you.

The rest are placed face down as the stock, with the top card being visible.

Throw out pairs (by moving one onto the other).

Pairs Solitaire. Description

One pack of cards required.

This is not a very abstruse game (a bit harsh I'd say), but will server to while away an idle moment or two.

Lay nine cards out in three rows, throw out the pairs and fill the vacant spaces from the Stock. The Stock can't be turned, so if the stock is empty, empty places on the tableau can't be filled.

At this point the game of pairs Solitaire above, diverges from the games as described by Mary Whitmore. If you can't remove further cards, the game is over.

When you come to a stop, you have the privilege of laying down one card, which often sets the game going again, and this you may repeat whenever a stop occurs; but should this card not find a pair, the game has failed.

Originally from: Mary Withmore Jone's Games of Patience for one or more players.