Quadrille Solitaire

Quadrille Solitaire

One pack of cards required.

This game is sometimes called La Francaise Patience, and is known to have been played in France from the 1700s. The game of Quadrille Solitaire on this page is as described by Mary Whitmore Jones.

There is a different card game, also called Quadrille as described by Professor Hoffmann in 1892 in which the cards are built in ascending sequence on Sixes and descending sequence on Fives.

Deal the cards from the Stock to the Waste Pile (called a rubbish heap in the illustration below).

The first card is dealt for you. Deal further cards by touching the Stock Pile.

As the Aces and Deuces (card number Two) turn up, place them on the Tableau to form the figure of a Quadrille.

These eight Foundations are to be be built upon according to their suits, but in alternative numbers (as in Odds and Evens Solitaire).

In other words, on the Ace, you place first a Three, then Five, Seven and so on up to the King.

Place even numbers on the Deuce ending with the Queen.

The Waste Pile may be turned twice.

Originally from: Mary Withmore Jone's Games of Patience for one or more players.

Quadrille Solitaire