Red and Black Solitaire

Red and Black Solitaire

Taken from Lady Cadogan's illustrated Games of Patience.

Rules of Red and Black Solitaire

The foundations follow suit.

Cards may be placed on the Volunteers in descending sequence, but they must be of alternate colors. On the black four (see tableau) would be placed a red three, then a black deuce, and so on.

How to Play Red and Black Solitaire

Withdraw from the pack the eight aces, placing them in pairs of alternate colors in a horizontal line (see tableau). These are the foundations and ascend in sequence to kings (Rule I). Next deal out eight cards, placing them underneath the foundations. This row of cards is called the Volunteers. Examine the Volunteers and play any suitable cards on to the foundations, immediately filling each vacancy from the cards in hand. When no more can be played, proceed to form sequences in descending line with cards of the Volunteers, subject strictly to Rule II; then again play all that are suitable and proceed to deal out the cards till the pack is exhausted, playing cards on the foundations or placing them in sequence on the Volunteers, and always refilling vacancies. The unsuitable cards form the talon.

When the pack is exhausted, the talon may be taken up, shuffled, and re-dealt once.

Red and Black solitaire