Four Corner Solitaire

Four corner Solitaire

Two packs of cards required.

Place twelve cards as above, beginning with the top corner one on the left; then the vertical line of four, the bottom left corner, the top right corner, the line and the bottom right corner, leaving space enough between the lines to put the four kings and the four Aces, two and two, the Kings above, the Aces below.

Now proceed to deal on these cards in the same order until the two packs are dealt out. Kings and Aces are to be placed at once as soon as they appear; but while the process of dealing is going on there are restrictions as to building on them.

A suitable card may be taken from either of the corners, but one from the lines is only available if it is in the same row as the packet in which it is to be placed. This restriction, however ceases as soon as all the cards are dealt.

You may not only take for building any suitable cards that are on the top of the corner or line packets, but you may also pack on these in an ascending or descending sequence. When you cannot continue your play any longer, take up the packets, beginning with the left corner (leaving of course, the eight centre ones), and deal round again in the same manner.

The process may be repeated a third time, in spite of which indulgence, the game is often a failure.

Originally from: Mary Withmore Jone's Games of Patience for one or more players.