Haden Solitaire

How to play Haden Solitaire

Two decks are required.

Lay out twelve packets of eight cards. The top cards are face up, the remainder are face down.

The remaining eight cards are laid face up (the bottom row) and form the dummy hand.

Having done this, you look at the cards before you for any two which, when added together will make Eleven - as Seven and Four, Eight and Three and so on.

These you remove, as also picture cards when they form a sequence of Knave, Queen, King. You then turn up the top cards of the uncovered packets, and search out the Elevens as before.

When no more cards can be worked off, you may have resource to the dummy hand, from which you may take only one card that makes Eleven with one on the packets.

In the case of a sequence, if there is only one kind of picture card on the packets, and the remaining two in the dummy, you may then remove both; but should there be two sorts on the board, you can only take one from the dummy.

When there are two exposed cards of the same significance, you may look at the card immediately underneath, to see which would be most advisable to take. The longer the dummy hand can be kept intact, the greater will be the chance of working off the Solitaire.

Originally from: Mary Withmore Jone's Games of Solitaire for one or more players.