La Belle Lucie and other updates

Just before I start, I've added Forty Bandits Forty Thieves and Three Pirates.

Of these Three Pirates was the most interesting. Three Pirates Solitaire has three Waste Piles, which I wasn't sure if my code to handle.

It seems to.

So what next for Solitaire Online and what gives with La Belle Lucie and other updates as a title?

I've added and changed a few bits and pieces, but most interestingly I've added La Belle Lucie to SolitaireOnline.Org.

It is the first of the games of Solitaire on Solitaire Online which requires a full redeal.

I was wondering how will that fit in with my existing code, and the answer is reasonably well.

However, I've had to pull an old fashioned programming stunt which only works on interpreted languages, and that is too make an assumption that a given function exists.

The name of the function is gameSpecificRedeal.

It is game specific, and only exists in the include files for games of Solitaire which include a redeal. It is triggered by a bool set in these files.

This works perfectly but is messy. In an ideal world, I'd rewrite code to handle the extra unanticipated conditions that I am coming across, but there are other projects to finish first:)