Solitaire Online FAQ

If and when there are any other questions needing to be answered, I will add them here:)

Do we need another Solitaire site?

I think so. But then, I like programming.

Will you add The Flower-Garden?

Or any other obscure game of Patience/Solitaire?

Quite possibly. I hope that I have programmed the game in such a way that it will be easy to add other games of Solitaire reasonably easily.

Why Clock Solitaire

Why have you added Clock Solitaire before other perhaps more well known or sophisticated games of patience? Well simply put, I started SolitaireOnline.Org as an coding experiment, and wanted to use rotation. Clock solitaire was an obvious place to begin.

Who designed the cards

Many thanks to Nicu Buculei who drew the cards and placed them in the public domain.