Golden Spider Solitaire

Golden Spider Solitaire

Golden Spider Solitaire is identical to Spider Solitaire One Suit, except that you can deal a card to each Tableau pile even when one of the Tableau piles is empty.

In standard Spider Solitaire, cards can only be dealt when all Tableau piles contain at least one card.

The Spiders

The other difference from Spider Solitaire is the spider theme:) If you really don't like spiders, and want to play golden spider Solitaire, you can play it spiderless here.

It's a nice day on Solitaire Online, and you decide to play Golden Spider Solitaire on the grass in the local park.

As you look around, you wonder why the park is deserted. There are signs of recent activity but no people.

How strange you think and start to deal intent on nothing but the playing cards in front of you.

As you start to play and the sun starts to dip below the horizon the silence becomes oppressive, and to break the silence you put in your headphones, and start to listen.

"Have you heard the story about golden spiders?"

"No? I thought not. It took place sometime in the late eighteenth century."

"Picture two men sitting around a fire, somewhere near where the border falls between England and Wales."

Night was falling. The only sound being that of the fire crackling and the talk which was turning to missing animals.

As they spoke one of the men was playing cards, the other stoking the fire so it crackled and blazed. Wolves hadn't been seen in living memory. Even so a hot fire in dark places offers protection against whatever may be out there.

The deck of cards drew the eye. It was of a singular design, with a bright golden spider marked on the back of each of the cards.

As each of the cards were placed, in groups of five and then of four (for he was playing Spider Solitaire), the spiders glinted gold and red in the light of the fire.