Munger Solitaire

Munger Solitaire is a slimmed down version of Minerva Solitaire (one of my favourite games).

The obvious difference between the two is that the Reserve pile contains seven cards in Munger and eleven in Minerva.

Munger only allows a single re-deal of the stock so is considerably harder.

I prefer Minerva as the extra four cards improve (to my mind) the balance of the game.

And as to the name? I looked it up, and discounting the meaning given in the Urban dictionary (as being to recent), it could be an old Scots word.

One meaning given in the Scots Language dictionary is 'a dealer or trafficker'. An alternative is mungar as in fische munger (fishmonger). A monger is someone who deals or trades in a specified commodity.

But I digress!

Regardless of the origins of the name, Munger Solitaire is a great little game of Patience;)

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