Spider Solitaire. Two Suits

Spider Solitaire. (Two suits)

This is the intermediate variety of Spider Solitaire. The difficulty level depends on the number of suits. Spider Solitaire has four suits and is the hardest. The easiest version is Spider Solitaire (1 suit) with a single suit.

Spider Solitaire. Strategy

The basic strategy is the same for each of the games: one, two and four suit.

Here are a few pointers that will increase your chances of winning:

Try and clear out at least one column as soon as possible (bearing in mind that new cards can only be dealt when each column contains at least one card). Place a King on it and build down - but remember that once you have placed a King on an empty column, it can not be removed (as it is the hightest value card).

Build cards of the same suit where possible, as these can be moved. Runs of cards can be made up of different suits, but these can not be moved and repositioned as a group. An Ace can not be built upon. If you are building runs of cards of different suits, start with a high value. Once you get to an Ace, you can add no more!

Splitting sequences of cards may help you build other longer sequences. Look out for this.

Spider Solitaire. Rules in brief

Build sets of Cards from King to Ace on the Columns. These must be in suit, and are removed automatically (and placed on the Foundations).

Columns can be built down in any suit. However, only cards in suit can be moved (and split). These can be placed on any suitable card, and on an empty column.

Click on the Stock for another deal. One card will be dealt to each column.

Cards can only be dealt when no column is empty.