Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire (four suit)

This is the hardest variety of Spider Solitaire. The difficulty level depends on the number of suits used in game. Spider Solitaire has all four suits, making it extremely difficult to win. The easiest is One suit Spider Solitaire.

My preferred version (the intermediate) is Spider Solitaire (2 Suit).

The Rules

The rules are described in detail in Spider Solitaire (One suit). The only difference is that four suit solitaire has four suits (the clue being in the name).

You can only move columns of cards from the Foundations when they have been built following suit.

The undo feature in this version

You can only undo from the last move from the Tableau to the Foundation, so proceed with care when finishing those runs of cards.

I know that some people have a preference for an undo which goes all the way back, but I prefer a little but of frisson and possibility of error in the game! When all is said and done, you can restart the game!

Spider Solitaire. Strategy

I've written a bit about the strategy in playing and winning here.

Chances of winning 4 suit Spider Solitaire

Let's defining winning as playing the game to completion (as opposed to obtaining the highest score), and let's assume that you are (mainly) not using the undo button. Let us also assume that you play every game to completion.

I've played a lot of games of Spider Solitaire while testing SolitaireOnline.Org, and according to the above definition. In the interests of honesty, I have to admit that I have maybe used the undo button a few more times than I intended.

I tend to win about thirty percent of games of 4 suit Spider Solitaire. This is really why I prefer the other two versions - espcially One Suit Spider Solitaire when I want to relax.

Now let's also assume that you are between ten and twenty percent better than me at playing Spider Solitaire. This isn't unlikely.

This totally non-mathematical calculation tells you that the chance of winning 4 suit Solitaire range from between thirty and fifty percent.

Spider Solitaire. Rules in brief

Build sets of Cards from King to Ace on the Columns. These must be in suit, and are removed automatically (and placed on the Foundations).

Columns can be built down in any suit. However, only cards in suit can be moved (and split). These can be placed on any suitable card, and on an empty column.

Click on the Stock for another deal. One card will be dealt to each column.

Cards can only be dealt when no column is empty.

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